Hotel Fitness #BrusselsTribute

Arrived to Brussels on Wednesday afternoon. First time I go through the airport after the attacks. The main staircase connecting the different levels is still as on March 22, so to reach the train station I had to go through the car park, down a level, walk through the bus station and take a rear entrance to the trains. Later, I heard trains are only running since Monday. On the way, I passed a couple of these banners:Belgie 002

This morning I took the metro to the meeting, passing through the Maalbeek station. Everything is back to semi-normal, but one thinks about the events. Soldiers everywhere make you aware that things are not normal. I wish things get back to normal one day.

Before that, I did 30 minutes of extensive endurance using the “Random”, “Hills” and “Hills” programs of a treadmill, elliptical, and bike in the hotel fitness, respectively. That was followed by 3 rounds of an improvised strength circuit. Total time 60 minutes.

Today’s meeting was an Administrative Board Meeting, but I am not allowed to share the details with you. They are utterly boring, anyway.

I was advised to go to the airport early, because it can take up to four hours to get to your gate. I took the train again, then followed the signs to the temporary checkin area. In tents. Had to queue outside in hail before I got into the tent for the first security check. Then to another tent where I could just walk past the long queues to check luggage. Through staircase that is normally just open for personnel, and on to the main security check. Took me an hour from train station to the airport lounge, so it wasn’t so bad.

Today’s training wasn’t much but tomorrow it will be interesting. The good old 4x2km … on water.

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