OTW Steady State

Mirror flat water this morning. I copied the workout from yesterday, but for time reasons I had to skip the final 12 minute interval.

A little problem with the XGPS160. I have noticed that it works perfectly if you switch it on while CrewNerd is already running. My natural behaviour is to attach the XGPS160 to the boat and switch it on while still on the dock. I only switch on CrewNerd when I am already sitting in the boat and on the water. I need to remember to do it in the right order. This led to noisy data and suspicious pace values in the first two intervals (especially in the second one, which apparently I had rowed in 1:56 average pace.

I also suspect that the system doesn’t work well when other apps using GPS position are running in the background (like Waze, in this case).

Workout Summary - 2016-04-12-0726.CSV
Workout Details
01|01345| 05:55 |02:11.6|17.8|125.0|139.0|12.8 | warming up
02|02721| 12:00 |02:12.3|18.9|149.0|160.0|12.0 | interval 1
03|03089| 12:00 |01:56.4|19.7|156.0|166.0|13.1 | suspicious
04|02502| 12:00 |02:23.9|20.3|160.0|167.0|10.3 | interval 3
05|02513| 12:00 |02:23.2|20.1|159.0|166.0|10.4 | interval 4
06|01101| 05:57 |02:41.9|17.8|140.0|145.0|10.4 | cooling down

Here is a map of the row from Strava, from the CrewNerd app:


You can see the straight line for the third and fourth intervals, after I had reset the XGPS160, and the wobbly line from the first and second intervals, before the reset.

Here is the same segment as recorded by the Garmin Forerunner:


The colorful plots:

First 30 minutes suspicious pace data – rest is OK