Out in the eight

Recovery day. Romana’s Masters Ladies eight was missing some rowers, so I jumped in. The weather has changed a lot. It is cold and there is a strong wind blowing.

We rowed from the other side of the lake, the Lodni Sporty rowing club. Turned out the ladies had invited one other husband to replace a missing team member, so we joked that we would send out the ladies in a 6+ and we would remain in the club house. The lake really was not inviting. Cold. Choppy.

Romana stroked and I got the 4 seat. Had some difficulty to get used to the sweep stroke which is a lot shorter than how I scull in the single. I used just the Garmin watch to get data, so no stroke rate info:



Not very hard work but fun!

And here are a few more pictures of our winning girls in the double. My daughter Lenka on stroke seat:

13087299_1100972569961194_1641089867663264468_n 13055480_1100972549961196_5654213622573226716_n 13077076_1100972559961195_5967130301831869196_n