In the single on a cold lake

Early row. Just steady state with a focus on technique. Windy and “medium” choppy. I still have difficulty believing what the weather stations around the lake tell me, so I am going to visit a shop specializing in weather equipment this afternoon, just to see what’s available.

I alternated 18spm and 20spm every 2 minutes. Nothing else to report. It was slightly colder, around 6 degrees this morning. Oh yes, I am 44 now … 🙁

Guessing 2 m/s as wind correction gave me around 200W. I think that is about right. Mind you, this is all power. Comparing to the erg display of a static erg will be difficult, because the erg doesn’t measure the power you spend bouncing up and down the slide, which at 20spm is about 20-30W (estimated). I may have to spend some time to calculate real erg watts. I am curious.

figure_1-4 figure_2 figure_1-3

Workout Summary - 2016-04-19-0718.CSV
Workout Details
01|01998| 11:17 |02:47.1|17.8|141.0|154.0|10.1 | warming up
02|02884| 13:32 |02:20.8|19.0|150.0|160.0|11.2 | tailwind
03|02792| 14:12 |02:32.7|19.4|158.0|168.0|10.2 | headwind
04|03078| 15:57 |02:24.1|20.2|150.0|159.0|10.3 | tailwind
05|00780| 04:13 |02:36.5|19.4|143.0|151.0|09.9 | cooling down