Long Reach (not Long Beach)

Again a quick row between meetings. Raced to the lake. Rowed. Raced home to dial in to the first call of the afternoon.

The session was again a 10 strokes on/10 strokes off, but I changed it and dialed up an old workout: 3x(5x30sec)/8min with 30 seconds of rest in the first set, 45 seconds in the second set and one minute in the final set. I didn’t go above 30 spm and tried to reach long. I noticed that this has a big influence on my boat speed so I want to ingrain this habit firmly.

It was a choppy business on the lake, so I first rowed up to the castle on the river, to seek quiet water. Did the first two intervals there and the final one on the lake with tailwind and stronger and stronger chop, the closer I got to the bottom of the lake. You can see the “lap” points on this little map:

L1 Prehrada 4-1-2016.png

Here are the pretty plots. I am starting to miss having to mess with excel. Now I have the python command line tool it has become a very quick process. The only hassle is having to email the files to myself to get them off the iphone:



Tomorrow, I will row a “sharp” 6k ¬†against some of the junior pairs. Race is in 8 days …

Here are the stats for the intervals:
Workout Summary - 2016-04-01-1301.CSV
Workout Details
01|00117| 00:30 |02:07.9|28.0|144.0|161.0|08.4 - 30 sec rest & headwind
02|00114| 00:30 |02:11.1|28.0|164.0|169.0|08.1
03|00120| 00:30 |02:04.6|28.1|164.0|170.0|08.6
04|00123| 00:30 |02:02.6|27.9|166.0|172.0|08.8
05|00121| 00:30 |02:03.6|28.1|168.0|173.0|08.6
06|00128| 00:30 |01:57.4|29.9|157.0|167.0|08.5 - 45 sec rest & tailwind
07|00128| 00:30 |01:56.6|30.0|163.0|170.0|08.5
08|00130| 00:30 |01:55.1|30.0|168.0|175.0|08.7
09|00122| 00:30 |02:02.6|30.0|167.0|171.0|08.1
10|00130| 00:30 |01:55.9|29.9|167.0|174.0|08.7
11|00132| 00:30 |01:53.8|29.9|158.0|167.0|08.8 - 60 sec rest, tailwind
12|00133| 00:30 |01:52.9|30.0|166.0|172.0|08.9
13|00132| 00:30 |01:53.6|30.1|164.0|170.0|08.8 - increasing chop from here
14|00133| 00:30 |01:52.3|32.1|167.0|174.0|08.3
15|00132| 00:30 |01:54.0|30.0|169.0|175.0|08.8

Overall summary:

Workout Summary - 2016-04-01-1301_data.CSV

In the mean time, my PM5 is now unstuck from customs, where it was stuck over the long Easter weekend. The parcel is now traveling to my local post office. Knowing the Czech Post, they will try to deliver on Monday or Tuesday. However, I will not be at home, so they will just drop me a note and then I will pick up the parcel at the post office on Tuesday or Wednesday. I need to be patient.