A 6km with competition

Today we planned to row a 6k.  On our lake, this has to be a 6k with a turn in the middle. When we arrived to the lake, there was mirror flat water. Even when we pushed off, the water was flat.  During the warming up, the wind started to blow and within ten minutes there was a nasty chop, which, as the 6k progressed, turned into a very nasty chop. I had a sweater in the bottom of the cockpit, which was completely soaked after the row.

A measured 6k. Three boats. A youth 15/16 single, a youth 15/16 pair, and me. We started with 1 minute intervals, first the young single, then the young pair, and finally me. I argued a bit with the youth trainer about the location of the start of the 6k. He has been timing 6k all his life with a starting point at a certain cliff. I have measured out the 6k with a GPS and I told him we had to start at the red buoy, which is about 150 m earlier. In the end I gave in and started from the “traditional” starting point, but when I passed the finish line, CrewNerd told me I still had 300m to go, so I kept going to complete the 6k.

Final result according to the trainer, who subtracted 30 seconds for the turning:

  1. Youth single in 25:02
  2. Me in 25:05
  3. Youth paid in 25:10

Not sure about the absolute times, but I believe the order is ok. I tried to row towards the pair but couldn’t get closer to them. I guess they tried to row away from me and couldn’t increase the distance.

The row was slow and nasty. I should have put my oarlocks a bit higher. I was slamming into the chop. In the first half, the head wind slowed me down significantly at times. In the second half, with tailwind, I didn’t manage to rate up as much as I wanted. It started fine with paces around 2:02 – 2:05, and I had hope that I would get the average pace down to 2:13. I didn’t.

I have been a minute faster on this course, but that was with flat water. 6km_16km_2

Workout Summary - 2016-04-02-1008.CSV
Workout Details
01|06000| 27:22 |02:16.8|26.6|175.0|180.0|08.2

Overall summary:

Workout Summary - 2016-04-02-1008_data.CSV