1k Season’s Best

We are a few days into the second half of April, so little time left to complete all the Nonathlon challenges, and the CTC.

Today, I scheduled a 1k PB attempt. The PB is 3:19.2. First, a Fletcheresque warming up. I never remember the exact Fletcher stroke rates and durations, but roughly 20 minutes with a few bursts should do it. The rule is that you start sweating a bit.


Then, on to the 1k.



Interesting to see that my drive length is well over 1m40 today. I thought 1m35 was more normal for me.

Here are the statistics

Workout Summary - sled_2016-04-18T20-32-35ZGMT+2.strokes.csv
Workout Details

That adds up to 3:19.6 for the real 1k. I still have to perfect my algorithms to get the exact statistics from the Painsled stroke data. Here is the proof:


First 500m no issues, but then I started to have difficulties and saw the occasional 1:41. In the final 250m I tried to short slide and rate up, but somehow it didn’t happen. I had a few strokes at 1:42. The very last stroke even was a 1:45 one.

Well, it’s the first 1k, at the start of the sprint race season. I should really do a PB attempt some time in June.

Then I did a 5k gentle cooling down at 2:05-2:10 pace.