Tame Session – new mesocycle

No time to go rowing OTW. First day of a new 5 week mesocycle. Maintaining base fitness, continuing with endurance power and then slowly gearing up for the 1000m sprint race season.

For the non-rowers: What we call sprint is a 4 minute effort.

Anyway, today I eased into the first week of the new cycle. A light endurance session of about 60 minutes. Decided to row it as 5×12 minutes and use the “Wolverine Plan” rate ladders to keep me busy.


I love painsled. Such a wealth of data


I love Painsled. Nice export of stroke data to CSV files. I was curious to see what the rate ladders would do with my stroke length, average force, drive time and recovery time. It turned out to be no surprise. The recovery time is varied, all other parameters staying roughly the same.

Workout Summary - sled_2016-04-11T19-28-49ZGMT+2.strokes.csv
Workout Details

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