Trying out LiveRowing

You know I have been a bit obsessed with rowing data, and now I have a PM5. So I decided to give LiveRowing a go.

I had some difficulty registering, so I sent an email to their support people. I quickly got a response and they even set up a Premium account for me for one month. Great customer service.

I think the app is well done. A few random screenshots:

It reminds me a bit of RowPro. Instead of programming your workout on the PM5, you use the phone to do it. They have the well-known challenges (CTC, Concept2) integrated, so you can just check out this month’s CTC and fire it up … wow!

I understand you can row against “friends” (yes – it’s a social app too). Not sure if it’s their virtual rows or if it is a live connection.

There is a button that looks like it will contain upload to C2 logbook functionality in the future. Right now it just opens a browers at the C2 logbook page.

By scanning a QR code,  you can set your “affiliation”. I guess that’s a way for Crossfitters to load their workout of the day, or something like that.

I did a short row and then stopped. A few seconds later I had an email in my inbox with some summary statistics. You can also see the statistics when you login to your account on That’s also the place where you can set goals (achieve a number of strokes in the coming two months, or row a 500m under 1:20, or something else that keeps you motivated).

I didn’t find a graph for my row. Perhaps it was too short? Or perhaps it is future functionality?

To my disappointment, there is no possibility to download a TCX or CSV file … I guess they want you to do all your rowing related admin work on their website.

I have to think about this one. I am sure I can live without it. But I will return as soon as they have upload to Concept2 and an option to download your rowing data … and give it another try.

But as a motivation tool for CrossFitters and other gym rowers, it is not bad. Not bad at all.

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