Friday: Sprinty intervals

Another reason why I didn’t write a blog yet, is because after Friday’s training I preferred to take the family out to our neighborhood Thai restaurant.

Friday was another half work from home day. I had a “conformity review” meeting to host at 3pm, with a large crowd dialing in from Phoenix, AZ. Must have been pretty early for them. 😉

Rowed this one with Painsled running to collect the data. Worked even better than I expected. Instead of programming the entire session as a variable intervals on the PM, I did a “just row” warming up, a fixed intervals main part, and a fixed distance 2km cooling down.

Then I exported the three rows by selecting them and exporting to tcx file. After the import into SportTracks I had my entire session there. Great! The import from RowPro sometimes creates wrong total distance and has difficulties with the rest periods.

Even sweeter was the data analysis with excel and the CSV. First, it didn’t work, but the only thing I had to do to make it work was order the CSV data by time. Will update the spreadsheet to make this automatic. The issue was that the CSV didn’t have the three rows in chronological order, but as every stroke has a time stamp that is very easy to correct.

It was a modified 20x1min. I shortened it to 40second and increased the rest time to 80 seconds. Then I rowed it with increasing pace.


Average 322 W (1:42.8 pace).

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