Watts came easily: 3x20min

Woke up and wrist was better than yesterday, and improving during the day.

I am really wondering what caused this episode. The start is clear. I slipped on ice and instinctively broke my fall with my arm, thus landing my wrist on concrete. Probably caused some serious sprained wrist. As I started to relax in the evening, the healing process set on, causing swelling and inflammation.

Then I played a card game (Dominion) with my sons. I have a very strong suspicion that holding the cards in my painful hands didn’t help.

The next part of my theory is that training regularly actually helps speed up the “repair” of the damage. The body is used to micro damage and starts to repair as soon as possible. As soon as the swelling started to reduce the vicious pain disappeared and life became bearable again.

I now can feel that the wrist has gone through something. It is slightly stiffer and bigger than my other wrist, and making a fist is slightly painful. But otherwise it is fine.

My family’s theory is that I overreacted on Friday and showed some very fine acting behavior. 🙁

Anyway, I felt I could try a 3×20 minute. Normally I do a 4x20min in the weekend, but I had already done a 4×20 earlier this week, and I am already above my training hours targets for this week. Plus the wrist. I decided to dial up a 3×20 min and abort it if there would be a problem with the wrist.

Temperature in my rowing basement was 7 degrees inside, dropping to 4 degrees during the row, and -8 outside. Relative humidity around 40%.


Workout Summary - Jan 03, 2016
Workout Details
03|04986|20:00.0|02:00.3|200.8|22.6|164.1|171.0|11.1| 1.2 mmol/L

The power seemed to come easily today. Although my average heart rate is one of the highest of all the similar rows since the end of November, and heart rate drift wasn’t small either, I found it very easy to hold 200W. Perhaps the low temperatures helped.

Let’s see what this does to my “injured” wrist, but I bet I will be able to row the erg race coming Saturday.