New Year OTW and delayed onset heavy pain

Typing this with my right hand only, as my dominant left hand is a bit painful. Today was our traditional New Year’s row. We took a quad and a single and rowed on the part of the lake that wasn’t frozen.

Whille carrying my sculls  to the water I slipped and fell, landing on my bum and lower left arm and wrist. Nothing serious, I thought, and was happy to escape without breaking anything. I rowed for 6 km and then did an erg workout. No problems.

Had a nice time at the club, drove home and prepared dinner.

I fell at 2pm and at 7pm the pain in my wrist started. Quite heavy pain, even when the hand is resting. If it doesn’t get better tomorrow, I will have it X-rayed.

Here are the pics. I am in  the single.