Run, Ice and Sauna

A nice sunny morning. I did a run followed by two hours of sauna and relax.

I had my phone with me so I could inform Romana about my expected time of arrival at the sauna. This enabled me to take a few pictures. It was supposed to be a calm run but in the climbs my heart rate did go up quite a bit. First time I took this route. I like to explore the trails around my house, and sometimes I do regret that I don’t run more and row less.

Here is the start of the run. This is 5 minutes from my house, leaving Brno town through a mix of car dealers, hypermarkets, and other places of low interest. To the right of this are the hills towards Oresin and Utechov, my usual running playground, but today I would take on those hills in the background, nature park Velka Baba. run 001.JPG

After the village of Ivanovice, infamous for the Harok family murder, which led to the first case of a US citizen, the prime suspect, being extradited to the Czech Republic.

Shortly after the village, the climb starts. That’s where I found out that the snow of last week had turned into ice:

run 002.JPG

Not good. I had to slow down and run on the edge of the path.

A nice view on the top:

run 004.JPG

I descended into the village of Jinacovice, first through an area where forest workers had been working with heavy equipment, so the trail was turned into something that looked like a frozen training facility for tanks. Going downhill, I had to slow down a lot.

A bit lower, I had the pleasure of running through a very nice forest. This is what I call running heaven:

run 007.JPG

Then I took the “red” marked trail to Rozdrojovice. Again, a few pretty frozen parts made me slow down:

run 008.JPG

That is ice that you see, not snow.

Hura do sauny 1-17-2016, Elevation.png


It was a really slow run. I covered the 12km in 80 minutes. The stops to take pictures may have slowed me down by about five minutes, but the real difficulty was the ice. Still, I don’t regret it. It was a very nice outing with a variety of forests and fields, a different trail every few kilometers. Will repeat this run.

After that it was two hours of taking saunas and relaxing in front of the fireplace in Maximus Resort. Splendid.

Now I am very lazy. There are some chores I should be doing but the chair is just too comfy. It’s the end of a high volume week. I did 10 minutes of exercise less than planned. Still a good score.