2.6! What?

Morning ride to work: https://www.strava.com/activities/468553389

Average heart rate 134 bpm.

Overheard a conversation at work. Two ladies at the coffee machine commenting starting again with exercise after the Christmas break. “It’s incredibly hard,” she said. “My heart rate was over 145 bpm for the entire hour! I was naggered at the end of it.”

Took a train home, quick dinner and then on the erg.

I am starting to hate RowPro.  You set up 4x20min and then you do 4x20min. However, this time I really wanted to stop after 3x20min. My heart rate was high. It felt hard. It wasn’t right. My lactate was too high.


And here’s the lactate reading after 60 minutes:

lactate 001.JPG


Two. Point. Six.

Another proof that  perceived exertion is a reliable measure.

Workout Summary - Jan 12, 2016
Workout Details
03|04875|20:00.0|02:03.1|187.7|22.0|165.7|173.0|11.1| 2.6 mmol/L
04|04326|20:00.0|02:18.7|131.2|19.6|143.1|173.0|11.1| paddling

So after that high reading I just paddled for 20 minutes to complete the fourth interval. Junk meters? Perhaps.

Rest day tomorrow.