Thursday: Bike & Strength

I am a little behind writing this blog.

My boss is in town.

My teams have a deadline on January 28th.

It is the time of the year when we are preparing and doing the annual reviews with our reports. With more than 50 people to take care of that is quite a task if you want to do it consistently and fairly.

Training didn’t suffer. Well, on Wednesday I went to a Cuban restaurant with my boss and a few colleagues. Good food and a few beers. No training.

On Thursday, it was a beautiful, sunny day and I didn’t get my work done at work. I rode home in the sun, on the bike, arrived at home with a clear head, made sure I didn’t connect to email and chatter and did my work.


The ride was 2km longer but my phone battery died after 12km. I wanted to do a slow ride but I couldn’t help and sprint up the Husovice hill. That’s the high HR bit around km 8.I don’t understand Strava’s power estimate but I think they come pretty close. This is a very non-taxing ride.

In the evening I did an hour of strength training. Quite intensive. Low number of repeats.

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