Interesting CrewNerd+XGPS160 glitch – Kraftausdauer

I left my backup Garmin at home but I spotted the anomaly anyway.

Today, I had headwind for the entire outing. On the way towards the castle I was rowing with a bungee, so it feels like rowing into a headwind. I removed the bungee for the headwind stretch from the castle back to the club. There was a strong wind and the stretch around the nude beach was quite choppy. When I was rowing with the bungee, the splash I created combined with the chop made the water flow over the XGPS160, which it obviously didn’t like, because suddenly i had 2600m done, where I am usually around 2km. Looking at the data now, somehow the way towards the castle was 1000m longer than the way back. Also there is a suspicious pace peak starting at 1300m, exactly around the nude beach.

Here is a close-up of a very suspicious part of my trajectory:

XGPS glitch
XGPS glitch – my real trajectory was very close to the smooth one taken on the way back

hrad2 hrad1

On the way back you can see that area around the nude beach as the dip in pace where I go slower than 2:50.

My training plan said Steady State but in the fall I like to take out the bungee and make it more like a Wolverine L4 workout. Rowing towards the castle I was between 16 and 18spm.

My book “Masterrudern. Das training ab 40” calls this “Kraftausdauer”.

All good. I am preparing the review for you, dear readers.

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