Pete Plan / Wolverine 5×1500 a la CTC

Back to the  erg because of lack of daylight in the evening. Also, September is traditionally a busy month at work, and with Belgium out of the way I have some catching up to do.

The CTC of this month is “Row a nautical mile (1852 metres), take 2 minutes rest then row at Mach 1 (well 751 metres). There are no restrictions.” Looking for training effect, I thought that if I would add 3x1500m to the end, it would be close enough to the 5x1500m of the Pete Plan. The first interval is a bit longer and the second is a whole lot shorter, but after a very short rest. Good enough.

I knew I wouldn’t aim at 2km PB pace, which some people seem to be doing (and they subsequently struggle to keep up the pace on the 751). I also decided to row the first interval from a standing start, even though the “no restrictions” could in theory be interpreted differently. Usually, CTC challenges are “from a standing start” in the first interval, so it seemed natural to me.

Workout Summary - Sep 21, 2015
Workout Details

I negative splitted both CTC intervals. For the 1500s I decided to stick to 1:53, which is the average pace I rowed my first 5x1500m in fall 2014 (the numbers are still on the wall of my erg room). The first 1500m after the CTC was tough, but then it became easier to just pull 1:53 without thinking. So I will take 1:50.7 as the target for the next 5x1500m.



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