No fruit or vegetables were delivered

Thursday. A long version of the hotel gym workout.

15 minutes elliptical

15 minutes treadmill

15 minutes spinning

Followed by 45 minutes of weight lifting. It left me quite sore on Friday and Saturday, but that’s good.

Here is a photo of the view from the hotel gym. Exactly what I am staring at during the elliptical and treadmill part of the workout. There is a traffic light in front of the hotel, so one can study cars and trams driving past and waiting for the traffic light. Sometimes, fruit and vegetable delivery to the Carrefour Express on the corner coincides with my hotel workout. This time, such a highlight did not occur. I must have studied every detail of those roofs and of the brown building on the right during the past 7 years.

The plan for Friday was to cycle to work and come back with the car, which was waiting for me in the parking garage of our office. It was too cold and slippery to cycle. There were other priorities in the afternoon, so no exercise took place.

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