Sinner Man

This famous 10 minutes song by Nina Simone is part of one of my go-to playlists for long erg pieces. I always cheer up when this song starts, because I know the next 10 minutes will go by in a blink. It is really good erging to this song.

And the repeated call for “Power”, where Nina probably didn’t have erg power in mind, is a good reminder of what rowing is about.

Today I did 4x5km at one minute rest. I played a bit with stroke rates following the 1000/750/500/250m sequence that is my favorite of this fall.

Measured lactate after 15km: 1.7 mmol/L.

Measured lactate after 20km: 1.8 mmol/L.

Workout Summary - media/20161218-1120080o.csv
Workout Details

I didn’t row the last interval slower. It took 58 seconds to do the lactate testing after interval #3, and I sinned and took a drink and another 20 seconds rest before I set off for my final 5k.

The now officially released version of Painsled, (link to iOS App Store) behaved well, except for one small glitch. Even though in the settings I have not activated Sync to Strava, when hitting “Export” in the app, it exported my workout as a “ride” to Strava.

I had to delete it there, because when I take the route through, the stroke data are exported better (leading to more meaningful graphs on Strava), and the session is exported as a row, not as a ride. Otherwise, I strongly recommend this excellent app for anybody who rows with a PM5.

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