A short, long run

A view on the lake from the rowing club. Yes, that is ice.

Time for the weekly running event. It was -6C when we started out, three of Romana’s girls/women and I.

Unfortunately, we ran through a part of Google Earth with two very different satellite images

We ran along the lake, and then near the castle we took a right turn into the forest. We had a fairy-tale like view on the castle. Something like this. The trees were frozen as in the picture, but there was no snow on the roof:

Running through the forest, we encountered many deer, which was good because the girls started to be tired and spotting the animals was a good distraction.

Only at that stage I found out that Zdiška had been on the rowing club since 8am, doing an erg training that she had missed during the week. So she did a hard interval workout (the Pete Plan Pyramid) followed by a 14km run. Wow!

We finished the run in good spirits, despite one girl having a painful blister, so all was good.


For me it was a slow run. Not too long in kilometers, but long in time.

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