Getting rows on Strava

Two days ago, I intercepted a question on Greg Smith’s blog Quantified Rowing. It turns out someone was looking for a way to convert ErgData CSV files to TCX or FIT, in order to upload his workouts to Strava, had found my rowingdata Python package, and had trouble installing.

I pointed him to, the website that is running rowingdata as one of its elements and is able to import your C2 logbook rows and share them with Strava, without you having to install anything.

The next day I received a thank-you email from Joakim, the happy user. Also, he had been kind enough to write a positive review on his personal blog. And I was even more happier with Joakim’s remarks that the site works well for visually impaired people like he, using a web reader. Wow! I must confess that I haven’t taken access for the visually impaired in mind when I developed the site.

Tuesday’s row was a 18km of Steady State. I rowed it as 6km/5km/4km/3km at 18/19/20/21 spm.

Workout Summary - media/20161213-204248-20161213-2030100o.csv
Workout Details

I did some 250 m of paddling and a drink pause between the “intervals”, so I used’s interval editor to get that into the statistics (and remove the paddle strokes from the plots).

Not really concentrated on hitting 18spm, and to be honest the stroke rate drifted to 19spm in the first interval

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