Wednesday – Friday: Business Trip

The Rue Royale, my usual base camp when staying in Brussels


Flight to Brussels and a planned rest day. Preparation of the Thursday meetings and a solo dinner in Hanedan, a Turkish fast food close to the hotel. Fast food sounds awful, but to be honest I think this place serves healthier food than the hotel restaurant. You don’t have to eat all the meat, and there is a lot of vegetables and salad around it. The problem, of course, is that all the meat gets eaten.

Not bad for fast food
Not bad for fast food. The starter was a nice salad with olives. 


Workout: A mini hotel triathlon, i.e. 10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes spinning. Then a 45 minute weights workout.

Then a full day of meetings, and a late flight home.


My planned exercise for the day was 2×45 minutes of easy cycling, the ride to work and back. Unfortunately, I discovered my tire was flat. So I changed to normal clothes and drove to work in the car, planning to return in time to get in a 90 minute erg.

Work was longer than expected and I arrived home late and tired. No energy for a workout.

On a day after a business trip you have to have the little tricks ready to make sure you do the workout. This time, the tricks didn’t work because of the flat tire.

Also: DOMS.

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