Saturday – Long, Windy Steady State OTW

I felt guilty for taking an unplanned rest day on Friday, although it probably wasn’t bad to take an additional rest day.

Saturday was a windy day. First time in the single since Tuesday morning. In the mean time, the manufacturer of my boat (mr Růžička from “Roseman”) had come by to fit my single with back stays. Or are they called front stays? They extend from the top of the oarlock to the “front” of the boat (looking in the forward rowing direction, behind my back). Well, what is the forward rowing direction, anyway. To me, forward is the usual direction of motion, with the rower facing backwards.

Anyway, I got a new wing and those stays for free, so I have to tell Roseman’s service is excellent.

It was very windy. The forecast was 4 m/s, and I believe on the lake part of the outing it was just that. Rowing in tailwind, I felt the wind blowing into my face, which means that the wind speed was higher than my 12km/h rowing speed. There were big waves on the lake, so I decided to go up to the castle.


Workout Summary - media/20161016-161625-Sanders SpeedCoach 20161015 0946amo.csv
Workout Details
01|01000|05:05.0|02:32.5|22.1|131.9|151.0|08.9 - warming up - tailwind
03|01000|06:16.8|03:08.4|20.8|148.3|162.0|07.7 - remove layer
04|01000|04:33.9|02:16.9|20.1|162.0|165.0|10.9 - tailwind
07|01000|05:38.4|02:49.2|20.3|156.8|167.0|08.8 - turn
08|01000|05:07.3|02:33.6|20.8|166.9|171.0|09.4 - headwind
10|01000|05:17.2|02:38.6|20.1|164.5|169.0|09.4 - strong headwind
11|01000|05:38.7|02:49.3|20.1|161.1|165.0|08.8 - back on lake
12|01000|06:53.2|03:26.6|18.4|154.8|162.0|07.9 - unrowable part

After 6.5km, I was catching up with a big ship, so instead of trying to pass him on a part of the river where I am not supposed to be, I turned around and decided to add an extra lake loop to the end of the workout.

On the river, you are shielded. The headwind was a bit less strong, and there was no chop. Arriving at the lake, I found myself in trouble. The wind has 3000m to get to maximum speed and sweep up the waves. The waves were of the kind that wipe over the stern, and every fourth or fifth wave would dump some water into the cockpit. There was an extra layer of clothes in that cockpit, which I had removed at the end of the warming up, so those clothes got soaked and there wasn’t  a lot of bailing going on.

Buoyancy enough, so I decided to not be a Sissy and row all the way to the south end of the lake. After about 1.5km of really bad water, the chop became slightly lower and my motions started to resemble rowing again.

Heart rates were slightly higher than expected and there was some DOMS, especially shoulders and chest.

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