Another Steady State – and letting the boat run

The original plan was a row in the double with Romana, and then on to the sauna.

But the rowing club had rented out the premises again to a birthday party. It’s good income for the club, but you never know what you find when you are the first to go rowing the next morning.

So the double part was replaced by indoor rowing. It’s a pity, because we haven’t rowed the double for a long time and it’s really a great discipline.

During the erg workout I listened to the Rowing Chat by Rowperfect, which was an excellent way to kill the time. Listening to the talk about sculling really made me realize how much I love the sport. It has everything. You need to be physically fit, there is a big technique element, and it comes the simplicity of getting from A to B in the fastest possible way with team spirit and with the elements.

I listened to a discussion with a coach from Craftbury Sculling Center, and I listened to the first 10 minutes of a chat with Kim Brennan. Both were very interesting to listen to. I liked how Kim described what she observes when rowing the single. Sitting on an erg and listening to someone talk about listening to the sound of the bubbles under the boat or looking at the shape of the stern wake really made the erg time fly by and I even had the feeling it will help my OTW rowing. There was also a lot of discussion about drills, which was good to listen to.

Here’s the row:

The training plan talked about “4x20min”, but instead of that I just sat down in “Just Row” mode and started pulling 6 minute “Wolverine Plan” intervals at 170-190W. After exactly 60 minutes I stopped to take a lactate measurement: 1.2 mmol/L. And after that I continued rowing until I hit 18km.

Workout Summary - media/20161023-093732o.csv
Workout Details

I also made a few “stroke cloud” plots.

download-46 download-47

So 180W average at 21spm median stroke rate. The two red blobs are “18spm” and “20spm”. There is also two minutes worth of “22spm”. I always row a bit higher stroke rate than I intend to.