Migration from WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Hi all

A short housekeeping announcement. This morning, I have migrated my blog from rowsandall.wordpress.com to blog.rowsandall.com. Yes, I have my own domain now.

I am now running the blog on wordpress.org. Things are slightly different. I managed to migrate the blog posts. I miss a few comments that were made during the migration, though. So if you feel strongly about your comment, made yesterday or today, please repeat it.

Otherwise, wordpress.com is redirecting you from the old site to the new one. So you should have found me here without problems.

I am still trying to get the site theme right. Things are slightly different here, and I am working my way through it. But I think the site is usable right now.

Followers should have migrated, but the support at wordpress.com sent me this:

It is important to note that once a blog moves off of WordPress.com, its followers will only receive new posts in their WordPress.com Reader; they will no longer receive email notifications. To counter this, you can make a new post on your site to advise your WordPress.com followers to subscribe by email to your site if they wish to continue receiving email notifications. Email-only subscribers will still receive email notifications, as they always have.

So there you go


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