New toy – and more python

Got my PM5 today.

The row was a warming up, a 3x20min at 190W and a 2km cooling down.




I also captured the row with painsled and exported both CSV and TCX files. The TCX files read fine into SportTracks. In contrast to CSV files that I have from other people who run painsled, my files don’t have HR data 🙁

EDIT – I reported this to the painsled developer (Rick) and he fixed it within 12 hours. See the plots in all their glory:



It’s already the third monitor for my Concept2 Model C. Here are the first two:

More Python

My python software ran great on my PC. Turns out the command-line scripts didn’t work too well on other people’s computers. Over the weekend, I did some testing, using my son’s Windows10 computer with a clean Python (Anaconda) install, and on my old Linux netbook. Greg also helped greatly by running subsequent updates on his macintosh.

Turns out Python packaging is quite confusing. In the end I got it all working. Now it should install easily for people who have Python and easy_install. Just installing Anaconda and then easy_install rowingdata should do the job. You get command-line scripts that should work on every platform.

It’s all documented on: and




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