2 x 30 = $6.48


No training. I had a 3x20min on the program but decided to skip it. The body felt too tired and this is a light week so no big harm done.


Last day at work before the Christmas break. At home I did a 30 minute

row followed by a 30 minute strength training. I used the “heavier” bands and fewer repetitions.

As you can see from the graph, I spiced up my 30 minutes of light rowing with a few 10 stroke sprints:


Thursday (Christmas Eve)

In the morning, Romana and I went to a Christmas event at the Lodni Sporty rowing club. We parked the car a good distance from the club and walked along the lake. There was thick fog, visibility about 25 meters, and the water was mirror flat.

In the afternoon I did a 30 minutes easy row. I did a few 500s at slightly faster pace, to catch up with my pace boat.


These two rows brought me past the 200 km mark for the Concept2 holiday challenge. I have now rowed $6.48 in money raised by Concept2.

Considering my heavy travel program over the past month, I consider this a success.

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