606 strokes: December CTC

Left ┬áthe office early but work didn’t stop of course. I felt completely drained and had to focus on driving safely.

The plan was: Pete Plan waterfall (3km, 2.5km, 2km) or this month’s CTC, which is a 8x750m with 1 minute rest. I decided to do the CTC. Knowing that my top three inches were not in the best shape, that seemed the least intimidating of the two options.

2k warming up with speed bursts, and then on to the main event. I had no idea about the pace, but somewhere around 1:50 seemed reasonable. It’s not a long distance, but there are many of them and the rest intervals are deceitfully short.


Workout Summary - Dec 11, 2015
Workout Details
01|00750|02:45.2|01:50.2|261.8|26.9|155.4|168.0|10.1| 74 str
02|00750|02:43.0|01:48.7|272.8|27.6|167.7|175.0|10.0| 75 str
03|00750|02:43.1|01:48.7|272.2|27.6|168.7|176.0|10.0| 75 str
04|00750|02:44.3|01:49.5|266.3|27.0|170.4|177.0|10.1| 74 str
05|00750|02:43.1|01:48.8|272.1|27.6|171.2|179.0|10.0| 75 str
06|00750|02:43.0|01:48.6|273.0|28.0|173.2|180.0|09.9| 76 str
07|00750|02:42.5|01:48.3|275.4|28.4|173.9|181.0|09.7| 77 str
08|00750|02:41.8|01:47.9|278.7|29.7|177.3|182.0|09.4| 80 str

The first interval was a toe in the water, and in the second one I dared to go a bit faster. It turned out to be doable, but it was a fine balance. Just counted to 75 over and over again. When I tried to go slightly faster than the 1:49 which I turned out doing, I felt it on the next interval. After the 5th interval the number of strokes got above 75 and it started to be hard, but by then the end was in sight. It wasn’t a very glorious session but I got it done in reasonably good form.

I did a lactate measurement immediately after the last interval, just for fun. Got 5.1 mmol/L. After 5 minutes of cooling down, that was down to 3.1 mmol/L. I did a longer cooling down but I didn’t do any more lactate measurements.