Friday:Travel & 3×20 minutes

Woke up at 4:15 to take the taxi to the airport, through a rainy Brussels. Took the 6:25 AM flight to Munich, where I had a breakfast, had my shoes shined, and sat down at the gate for my connection with lots of German newspapers. It’s nice to read foreign papers. You get a different perspective on things.

The flight to Brno was empty. Really empty. Besides me, there was one other passenger. I chatted a bit with the flight attendant. It’s a new route and it hasn’t been advertised much, but I also think that the departure times around noon are not very well chosen. If I want to fly from Brno to have meetings somewhere (other than Munich), I need an extra hotel night, and I end up with a lot of unused time.

Well, it was pleasant for me and a relaxed flight for the attendant, but I doubt BMI regional makes money on this.

Had lunch with Romana in a good Italian restaurant in town, then drove home. Worked a bit, then a 3×20 min session.


Workout Summary - Dec 04, 2015
Workout Details

The summary pace is including the 2 minutes of rest between the intervals.

I didn’t really force myself to hold 200W, but rather rowed on feel. Ended up rowing very close to Tuesday’s result but it felt a whole lot easier.

Heart rate was just 2 beats lower. Heart rate drift was the same.

Lactate was at 1.5 mmol/L though, compared to Tuesday’s 2.5 mmol/L.

Tomorrow,  Romana’s girls and I will do another running event under the “cross-training is fun” banner.

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