Brussels Strength


A rest day. Flying to Brussels. Waiting at Munich airport, I saw a tweet on the FISA coaching conference. In Brussels, I looked up the site and discovered a nice set of presentations:

I like the presentations about nutrition as they give a practical way to be smarter with food, without reverting to extreme diets. I am convinced you can get all the basic carbs, proteins, vitamins and what have you by eating “healthy and normal”. I am also convinced that I have tremendous room for improvement, while still continuing to enjoy good, tasty food.

The other presentation that I found very interesting was the one on developing endurance,  by Nick Clarke from Rowing Canada. I have no time to go into the details now, so download that presentation and see for yourself:

First time in Brussels after the shutdown. The city seemed more lively than ever before. Lots of people on the street. Anspach boulevard turned into a gigantic pedestrian area. Is that new? Haven’t been on Anspach in a long time, so I couldn’t tell.

The odd armed soldier walking around. But they were already part of Brussels after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

I walked around the area of Ste Catherine after dinner. Here’s a quick phone picture of the atmosphere:

Brussels 004.JPG


This morning I did hotel room strength training using the bands. A variation on the usual set.

  1. Curl
  2. Squat
  3. Situps
  4. Pistol squats
  5. squatted row
  6. lunges
  7. “bench press”
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