Last week: Party Time and Rowing


No rowing. Lots of stuff to do at work.


Long day at work, then to the rowing club to remove the boats from the trailer and rig them.

We had an unpleasant experience with our Wintech quad on Sunday afternoon. After Romana’s race in it, somebody informed us that some rowers from another club (not necessary to name them here) had bumped into our quad with theirs. Apparently the metal rudder construction on the hull had bumped into our boat.

We checked and discovered a nasty hole, so we went to ask the people involved.

Well, we got shouted at. Apparently it wasn’t “sportive” that we wanted them to take their responsibility for the damage. According to them our boat was in a stupid place (it was on the rack just below their boat), these things happen and it is absolutely normal that people damage other people’s boats at races and walk away without mentioning it.

The lady kept shouting at us, and wanted to give us 300 Kc for the repair “because we were so unpleasant”. We refused the 300 Kc (about 15 USD) and I went to see the race organizer.

The race organizer was very helpful, and suggested ways to resolve this if the club of the lady wouldn’t cooperate. Luckily, when I returned from that discussion, an official from that club had already approached us, apologized for the behaviour of the unpleasant lady, and offered that they pay for the repair.

So on Tuesday we were discussing the next steps. We would have to contact the Wintech rep and ask her how to carry out the repairs, to make sure the repair doesn’t impact the warranty we have on the boat, which is half a year old.

Then we opened the beer tap and fired the barbecue and had a splendid evening, celebrating the many medals our club has won in the past weekend.

Wednesday, Thursday

Alarm clock at 3am for the travel to Toulouse. Meetings in Toulouse on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Nice dinner in the town of Blagnac.

This week is turning into a rowing vacation. Not bad, relaxes the rowing mind. Also, I have a lot of work to do this week, with some deadlines coming up by the end of the month.


I couldn’t row in the early morning because of work and some car related stuff (needed to get a new battery), so I had to do it in the afternoon after work.

35 degrees C. On Friday afternoon. On such days, our lake turns into a giant swimming pool.

I took the single, and Romana went on a quad with a few ladies. Because of a logistics problem around my water bottle, I had to row without taking water with me. I did a leisurely 10km on the single. Nice rowing. Swimmers to the left, swimmers to the right. Inflatable boats. Pedal boats. Paddle boards. Kayaks. Fun. This time, I didn’t mind too much, made constant use of my mirror as well as turning my head, and slalomed between the other people.


Stroke rate around 20spm.

Back at the club, I drank a lot of water, gave my single a wash and then jumped into the lake, waiting for Romana and her quad to come back. The water in the lake was perfect, clear and a nice temperature, like swimming in a lukewarm bath.

The quad ladies arrived and joined me swimming.

Then we all hopped in the car and drove around the lake to the other rowing club. My double partner Radek was throwing a birthday party on his club. It was very nice. One of his friends is a good singer, so first she gave us a concert of two ladies singing slightly jazzy songs, accompanied by a good guitarists. Then she turned into Alanis Morissette (even looks a bit like her) and her band turned into an Alanis Morissette revival band.

In the mean time I had a few beers, some meat from the barbecue, some salad. Nice talking to friends, and looking over the lake from the other side. A nice change of perspective.

We left quite late. There was some (quite stupid) drunk naked swimming going on when we left (I wasn’t involved).


Morning row to the castle, in the double with Romana. We saw something floating in the lake but luckily it wasn’t a drowned drunk swimmer.

We did steady state again but made it interesting by
a) rowing to the castle and beyond
b) doing Pete Plan rate ladders


Tomorrow: July CTC.

I made a plan that starts on Monday and ends on the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Hazewinkel.

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