Getting the CTC out of the way

The plan was to go cycling with Romana but the plans changed. Our boys came back from camp yesterday. Unfortunately, their coach broke down and they had to wait 3 hours on a gas station before another one would pick them up.

They seem to have had a great time, but Robin is a bit white and threw up in the night and another time this morning. I think they are just tired and need a day in front of the TV ;-).

So I sat down to do CTC and if the Robin gets a bit better we’ll do a short ride in the afternoon. Just a ride to a nice country pub, have a drink and ride back.

Not sure how to pace. Decided to do the short ones in 1:45 pace and the 2km in 7:30, which seemed reasonable.

But ouch, this erg thing hurts after so many hours in the boat. It is weird. A week ago I held 1:49 pace in the single for almost four minutes. Now I had difficulty getting under that pace for less than 2 minutes.

Workout Summary - Jul 26, 2015
Workout Details

I did back down a bit on the 100m to make the “rest” a bit longer. The 2km was without issue. I was able to gradually ramp up the pace. Definitely not an all out affair.