Only the rowing was cool

Picked up the car from the workshop today. New driving belt. New oil seals. Various other small stuff. Oil change, and repairing the airconditioning. The bill was the equivalent of an average worker’s monthly pay. 🙁

Driving to the rowing club I tested the air conditioning. I normally don’t drive with the airco on, only when it is really hot or on long drives.

It didn’t cool. Not cool. 🙁

When I started the car after the row, this LED came on: lampje

Not cool. 🙁

Maybe I am not the guy to be a car owner. I hate taking it to the shop.

The Row

Enough whining. The row was a short (taper week) training in the double with Romana. 4x250m stuff with 500m rest (I made that 2min30 rest):

|Start|Stop_|Dist_|Time_|Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|max HR|DPS|Remarks
|00000|02153|02153|12:31|02:54.4| 19.6 | 116 | 144 |08.8|warming up (part of)
|02153|02400|00247|00:54|01:49.5| 31.2 | 160 | 171 |08.8|250m, headwind
|02903|03150|00247|00:55|01:51.5| 30.9 | 163 | 173 |08.7|250m, headwind
|03556|03805|00249|00:53|01:46.5| 31.3 | 159 | 170 |09.0|250m, tailwind
|04148|04405|00257|00:54|01:44.9| 32.3 | 154 | 173 |08.8|250m, tailwind
|04405|06892|02487|13:50|02:46.9| 21.2 | 145 | 174 |08.5|cooling down

The first three intervals where from a running start. The final one was a standing start.

Pretty cool stuff. 🙂

Not so cool was that I discovered one of the red clips on the height washers was missing. Did it come off during the row? Did someone borrow it? Not cool.