Tuesday: Repeat taper training, in quad

Same training as yesterday, but now in a quad. A bit more wind, 4 Bft vs 2 Bft yesterday. Again 4x250m but this time at a decent stroke rate for the quad: 35-37spm. Which would a challenge in the choppy conditions.

We had Tomas Emr coaching us in the launch, which was good. During the warming up we did 10 strokes on / 10 strokes off at increasing stroke rates (30/35/38/38).

|Start|Stop_|Dist_|Time_|Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|max HR|DPS|Remarks
|00000|03159|03159|22:38|03:34.9| 23.0 | 130 | 178 |06.1|warming up (part of)
|03159|03400|00240|00:44|01:31.6| 35.8 | 172 | 179 |09.2|250m, tailwind
|04044|04294|00250|00:45|01:30.0| 36.0 | 176 | 180 |09.3|250m, tailwind
|04763|05014|00251|00:47|01:33.8| 35.3 | 175 | 181 |09.1|250m, headwind
|05555|05800|00245|00:48|01:38.0| 35.8 | 176 | 181 |08.6|250m, strong headwind
|05800|11174|05374|32:13|02:59.9| 19.0 | 148 | 182 |08.8|cooling down

The stroke rates are a bit lower than what I saw on CrewNerd during the row. Perhaps because it takes 3 strokes to get up to the right rate.

Coach said the last interval was the best.

Then we rowed in pairs (bow pair, then stroke pair), then we rowed with exaggerated tap-down and hands very low in the boat. Then we rowed unclipped.



Romana printed out the list of participants to coming weekend’s Open Czech Masters National Championships in Trebon.

12 participants in the C category single, so for sure two finals. Last year I had 3 hours of sleep before rowing this and came in fourth place, in a race where I didn’t have that little extra. I moved up one category so I have different opponents. I rowed 3:50. I looked up last year’s results for those that participated:

Mitas – 3:41 (-9 sec). A week later in Munich’s Euromasters I was second, only 2 seconds behind him
Milota – 3:55 (+5 sec)
Gwozdiak – 4:15 (+25 sec)
Novotny – 4:04 (+14 sec)

The rest are unknown.

In the B category quads, there are 8 boats, so again two finals. A year ago we won the A category in 3:18. We have one new guy in the boat. The only competitors we rowed against a year ago was the Trebon/Jindrichuv Hradec composite which we beat in 3:37. The guy who is not in our boat rows a composite with an Austrian club. If we draw against them, we will have to beat them, but that will be very hard.

In the mix Masters category C, there are 10 boats, so again two finals. Our “arch friends” Dekanovska/Dekanovsky remain category B. We rowed 3:44.

The winners of last year, Nevrala/Vecerova, who beat us by 0.5 seconds, are starting again.Then there is the Neratovice boat, which rowed 4:02 (+18 seconds), Smichov who rowed 3:44 (0 seconds) but were already C category last year, but with another woman. The rest is unknown.

The Men’s B 2x will be a surprise. We are not particularly good, but I didn’t row this last year.