Friday: a row in the desert


Travel from Minneapolis to Phoenix. No exercise. Adding a few more hours to my jetlagged body.



A workout in the hotel gym. Basically 50 minutes of threadmill running with a slight incline. And 10 minutes on the elliptical.


Rowing in the USA, so the alarm clock went off at 4:15am. Drove from Deer Valley to Tempe, zipping down the I17 in about 35 minutes. I guess the early rowing is related to the heat. Yesterday’s max was 109 Fahrenheit. I don’t even want to know the conversion to Celsius, because it felt awful just walking to my rental car on the parking lot after the working day.

At Tempe Town rowing, I met with Dottie and a couple of other single scullers. They gave me a 2002 Sykes single built for Lightweights (72.5kg) and it was just fine. The boat had been broken and repaired and looked a bit battered but it was rigged well, it was responsive, and I managed to get a good boat run. I basically did two loops and a bit on the lake and then I had to leave.

Zipped back up the I17 to take a shower in my hotel, then back down that same I17 to make it to my 8:30 meeting at Sky Harbor. Next time I should book a hotel in Tempe, be closer to the rowing and commute to work. It would save a lot of driving time and eould allow me to sleep longer.

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