Vineyards run


Spent the entire day doing data for the Czech Juniors trials. More about that in a separate post over on the analytics blog.



The first day of an off site workshop with my boss and his leadership team. My boss came over from Toulouse and his team gathered on a wine estate 40km south of Brno.

We had 1.5 hours of free time planned on Day 1, but good discussions took longer, so I sacrificed my exercise. I did have a swim in the pool though but I wouldn’t classify it as a workout. Here is the view from my room:


I had constraines myself during the evening wine tasting tour, so getting up at 5am for a run was not an issue. I set out through the vineyards, up the hill, making a loop around the view tower you can see in the distance on the picture above.

Behind that hill I kept running in a pleasant pace, all the way to the village of Rakvice, where I turned around at the village school. Then I found out that the pleasant running had been mostly downhill, which on the way back was a less pleasant uphill, followed by a few steep places that stung a bit.

The wine growers were at work all the time, in the vineyards. In the heat, they start very early and some of them were returning home by 6am.

I saw a couple of hares, a deer, and lots of pheasants.