Sunday – Tuesday: erg & travel


There was a bit of time for trsining in the morning. I used it to try out Kinomap on the erg. Had difficulty conecting the erg thriugh bluetooth (also in painsled, so it was not Kinomap’s fault). When i somehow fixed that, Kinomap kept logging me out when I wanted to see “my” videos. In the end I could access them, but only after I signed up for a $7.95 one month subscription. Then only one of my three videos would load all the way to the Start button. 

I always get very impatient fiddling with nonworking apps when exercising. I find it frustrating to waste precious exercise time to fiddling with settings. Anyway I got one of my videos working and rerowed my row from Veverska Bytiska back to the club. The visual clues from the video are indeed motivating. It is nice to relate numbers on the PM to a real physical location. 

After the row I had a busy day. My son was celebrating his 11th birthday and he had invited a few friends over. We did a ping pong tournament and we grilled hamburgers.

In the evening, I took a train to Vienna airport where I stayed in a hotel. 



A 7am flight to Amsterdam, and then a longer flight to Minneapolis. I arrived at 1pm local time and drove straight to the office. A business dinner in the evening. No exercise.



I hit the gym in the hotel. First I tried to get Kinomap to work with the threadmill, but the brand wasn’t supported. Then I tried to get it to work with the TickrX. That initiakly seemed to work but the video froze because it didn’t register my running. So I reverted to the giid old Wahoo Fitness app, used it to calibrate the threadmill (roughly, because I couldn’t find a way to set the threadmill to metric units and had to do miles to kilometers conversion by estimate), and did a 30 minute run. Including the calibration and the Kinomap attempts, I estimate about 50 minutes of threadmill running. 

In the hotel room, I did one 7 minute Wahoo circuit.

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