Steady State 4×15 minutes

A long day at work. Also, I didn’t really want to spend time driving to and from the lake. Too much other stuff to do.

So it was a steady state session on the erg. I decided to try a 4x15min format instead of 3x20min, and I liked it. At 185W, the 15 minute intervals gave me a predicted distance of just above 3600 meters, so I could mentally split all the intervals in 6 pieces of 600m. I need to do these mind games to avoid stopping rowing out of boredom. I need to download something interesting to listen to.

Workout Summary - C:/Downloads/4x15minb.csv
Workout Details

Good statistics, I think. Heart rate behaved nicely. It felt hard at the beginning, but that was gone after five minutes. I also had some good music from the “Music to erg” blog and spotify channel, which made it easy to fall into a rhythm (or a trance).

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