More steady state stuff and more python

Today was steady state day, and even though it was the first day of this year when we could walk outside without a coat, I had to row on the erg. It was 19 degrees C, but I had too much work to do.

I sat down for a 3x20min. Did a short warming up. Then on to the main event. Tried to hold 200W, but gave up in the second interval. Today it felt too hard. Probably lack of sleep. I didn’t want to do the third interval. So I did something else instead. Rowed a 3k, lowering the pace every 500m.

The 2x20min

Workout Summary - 2x20min.csv_o.csv

The 3k cooling down – heart rate is too high

Workout Summary - 3km_cd.csv_o.csv

I used the Desktop version of painsled. Notice that my python code includes the time the PM3 “waits” before you start the row. I need to remove that part of the data in a next release.

On the python front, I have added an upload to the Concept2 logbook. I hope the folks at Concept2 don’t watch their logbook for suspicious behaviour, because I did a lot of uploading and subsequent deleting of rows today. :-/

On the other hand, I have new sculls ordered and I am getting a PM5 …

Here’s a screenshot from the tool:


And here is the result in the logbook:


I guess I’ll be using the Concept2 Utility for erg uploads, but it’s a nice functionality for when I forget to do that and am away from my erg. Also, I can start uploading OTW rows now as well. I never did that because it’s a hassle. Now I can do it easily:


And get this:


In the process, I also learned how to go from a file with some python to a full-blown package that other people can install, including easily created documentation.


A small step for mankind, but a big step for me.