Račice day 1

The drive to Račice was uneventful, as it should be. A bit more than 280km. Of course the famous Czech highway D1 with it’s concrete panels made me slow down a bit. Luckily they are working on the road and the segments with panels are fewer and fewer.

Mini pictures from the event and Lenka’s afternoon training:

0 (4)0 (3)0 (2)

It was a cold 8 degrees C. We’re not training here for the nice weather. We’re here because there are fewer choppy days than in Brno, because coaches can conveniently ride a bike next to the rower instead of having to steer a launch, and rowers can nicely row in lanes and don’t have to worry about oncoming traffic.

And I am here because I am the trailer tow car driver. And because I sort of took a week off to be with the kids. Sort of. Need to be back in Brno on Wednesday afternoon and Tuesday morning, to take care of some work related business.

I did a 4x2km row, together with Lubos. He’s pulls a 6:34 erg and is a first year senior rower. I am a 42 year old slow Masters rower. Still, I managed to get him tired on this 4x2km, which we rowed in 25/26 spm.

|Dist_|Time_|Pace__|_SPM__|avg HR|max HR|DPS|Remarks
|02221|15:41|03:31.8| 18.6 | 135 | 166 |07.6|WU
|02000|08:28|02:07.0| 24.9 | 167 | 175 |09.5|2k tailwind
|00124|01:59|07:58.8| 16.6 | 148 | 174 |03.8|rest
|01999|09:24|02:21.1| 24.9 | 173 | 179 |08.5|2k headwind
|00139|01:59|07:07.7| 17.0 | 158 | 178 |04.1|rest
|01999|08:38|02:09.5| 25.2 | 173 | 179 |09.2|2k tailwind
|00143|01:58|06:53.3| 15.9 | 153 | 177 |04.6|rest
|01999|09:28|02:22.1| 26.3 | 174 | 178 |08.0|2k headwind
|02176|14:09|03:15.1| 17.1 | 137 | 178 |09.0|CD


|172|25.3|8.8|Main set
|137|17.1|9.0|Cool down
|153|16.5|4.2|rest meters

The wind was quite strong, but there was relatively mild chop, especially when compared to our home lake.4x2km


At 4pm, a meeting notice jumped up on my iphone screen. I didn’t want to stop to click it away, because I was happily (well – slightly out of breath) rowing next to Lubos. Here’s the Garmin plot, because I want my readers to see the final push in the fourth interval:

L2 Račice 3-21-2016, Heart rate.png

I was rowing well. Romana commented only that my blades are slightly too deep, so I tried to work on that. Otherwise the stroke rate was light and easy to hold. My heart rate was high but sustainable. A good workout.

Oh, and Strava thinks the rowing canal is a meadow: