Two speed lactate test again

After three weeks, one meso cycle, it was time again for the two speed lactate test. Copy paste from three weeks ago. The difference, instead of Friday afternoon I am doing it on Thursday evening. Tomorrow, I will not have time.

First, a Fletcher warming up:


Copy paste success. Virtually no differences with the previous cycle.

Then on to the main event.


Workout Summary - Mar 17, 2016
Workout Details
01|01000|03:37.1|01:48.5|273.7|27.6|168.1|180.0|10.0|3.9 mmol/L (3.9)
02|01000|03:22.8|01:41.4|335.6|32.0|178.3|183.0|09.3|5.3 mmol/L (6.0)

No mistakes in the measurement protocol this time. I also measured at the end of the 10 minutes cooling down: 4.3 mmol/L.

So, in comparison with three weeks ago:

  • Heart rate is up 3 to 4 beats per minute
  • Lactate is higher for the first interval (which felt hard) and lower for the second one …

Actually, the heart rate is back to what I measured in January. Here is the updated graph (the new line is yellow):


Given my 10k effort of two days ago (holding 240W for nearly 38 minutes) and the fact that I was able to hold the same power without too big problems, I don’t think there are any big changes in my fitness. Perhaps we are just seeing the day to day differences. But I will refrain from a strong conclusion now. The training schedule for the coming few weeks is quite fixed and I see no reason to change it. I have a head race in three weeks and I will do a lot of threshold workouts.

After the race, I will repeat the test, and also do a detailed planning of the April to July time frame.