More ice skating

I may be jeopardizing my planned 5k attempt for tomorrow, but when it’s possible to skate, I will skate.

It had been snowing on Saturday afternoon, so I had to start from scratch making my oval. I made it a bit longer than yesterday. An hour of hard work. Temperatures are up and the snow is wet and heavy.

But the end result was ok. A little narrow which made it difficult to take over the slower skaters. I also made one of the turns a bit too sharp so I had to make it wider.

When the work was done, I did about 4o minutes of just circling. The rest of the lake was difficult to skate on with speed skates. Too heavy snow.


100 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Some pictures I took of the boys:

Oh, and the ball was great. We were home at 2am and we had a very good time.

Tomorrow: A 5k. Only opportunity to do it before the end of the month.

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