Saturday: 4x20min

Spent the entire morning in the assembly of the rowing club. Don’t want to bore you with club politics, though.

Just want to mention that Jiri Pfeifer, a member of our club, has set a new Czech record on the 2k erg, in the 50-59 age category. He rowed an impressive 6:20.5. With that time he would lead this year’s Concept2 rankings by 7 seconds. An impressive result. On top of that, he is a grandfather since 2 days … The fastest grandfather in the Czech Republic.


Also, Romana and I got tickets for the Olympians’ Ball on January 23. I am quite nervous about it. Romana is thinking about what kind of dress to buy. I need to dust off my dancing skills. In theory, I could ask Mirka Knapkova for a dance.

I did a regular 4×20 minutes. I tried to do a lactate test after 60 minutes, but the meter gave an error that I was using a “used strip”. As there was a thick fog outside, the air humidity in my basement was around 100% so I am afraid that I spoiled the strip by having it prepared in that humidity for more than an hour. I shouldn’t do lactate tests in these circumstances. I hope I didn’t spoil the rest of the strips by opening the container for a few seconds to get the one strip to be used.

It was so humid that at the end of the row my arms were covered with dew.

In the first interval I built up the power slowly. The second and third interval were  constant around 200W (+/- 5W). The last one started slower because I was thinking about the lactate strip, then I ramped it back up to 200W and then I took a 5W step back every 2 minutes.


And finally, as a reminder why I am doing all this steady state work, a picture from the last season:



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