Skipped Session & Steady State


I arrived home from my trip to Toulouse at 2AM. Got up at 6 for a long working day. In the evening, I decided to skip that day’s endurance session and relax. Tired from the trip.

One of the outcomes of my trip to France is that I will spend the entire next week in Brussels. Sunday afternoon to Friday morning. Sigh.


Cycled home from work, which is 45 minutes of light endurance exercise, average HR=130. I forgot my heart rate belt (still in my travel bag) so today that heart rate was just an estimate.

Later this evening I did the 3x20min. Decided that I wouldn’t force the 200W this time.

When I had done my warming up, I noticed a 5k scheduled row on RowPro, so I joined that one:


Average pace 2:01. Average HR 165 bpm.

Then a 20 min:


Average pace 2:04, average HR 164 bpm. I started to severely relax the pace when I noticed my heart rate approach 170.

Next 20 min:


Average pace 2:05, average heart rate 161 bpm

Measured lactate immediately after this: 1.0 mmol/L.

So, should I have gone faster today? I don’t think so. I feel I was just below the threshold.

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