Another steady state at lactate – and biathlon

Another endurance building session (hopefully). I decided to stick to the 200W level.

I expected this to be a hard session. After yesterday’s running I feel delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and didn’t expect my energy stores to be fully replenished. Funny enough, during the session I sensed that I was OK and kept the 200W level, apart from a slightly slower first interval. Heart rate stayed nice and low (higher than I used to row my steady state intervals but at least it didn’t creep towards 165).

Workout Summary - Dec 06, 2015
Workout Details
05|04969|20:00.0|02:00.8|198.8|22.9|153.9|160.0|10.8|1.2 mmol/L
07|04975|20:00.0|02:00.6|199.5|23.4|152.8|158.0|10.7|1.4 mmol/L


All good. A very successful finger stab at 60 minutes. Blood kept flowing out of my finger for another 5 minutes during the row. I am starting to be less nervous about this.

Listened to the radio during the row. Pop songs alternated with sport reporting. Biathlon is on. I love doing cross country skiing, but for watching (and listening) biathlon is much more interesting.

The leader of the World Cup is a Czech lady named Gabriela Soukalová:


Biathlon athletes must have fantastic aerobic endurance. What makes it interesting to watch is the shooting.

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