Blagnac Hotel Gym


Up at 3:20 to travel to the airport. A few meetings in Brussels and 2 flights later, I arrive in my hotel room in Toulouse Blagnac at 11:30pm. No training.


If I wanted to get some exercise in, I had to get up at 6am and work out in the hotel gym. Did that. I had to enter the date and time into the Concept2 erg and adjust the brightness so it didn’t show Mura defects.

The plan was to do a 4x2km intensive session, but after such a long day and a short night, I discovered during the warming up that I didn’t have the mental strength to do it.

So after the 2km warming up I did 20 minutes steady state. Very easy, because I didn’t feel like more:

pullman 002

Then I did a few strength exercises. Three sets of eight repeats for each exercise. I discovered a mat and a Pezzi ball, so I used them for situps, back, classical pushups. I also did squats, and all the arm and shoulder exercises possible with the fitness machine, adjusting the weights after the first set if necessary. Thirty minutes in total. It was a bit light on the legs in my opinion. Overall it was probably a bit light but I want to gradually work this into my routine, not do an all out once and then never again.

The Pullman hotel gym. There's a mirror so it's much smaller than it looks on the picture
The Pullman hotel gym. There’s a mirror so it’s much smaller than it looks on the picture

Then a 1km cooling down and some stretching. Has to be enough for the day.

Having dinner at the Brussels Airlines lounge at Brussels, I finished my exercise planner in excel. It calculates time in different zones. I already used it today to capture what I have done so far this week and adjust the rest of the week to hit the right percentages and fit my schedule.

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