Friday – Another practice row in mix 2x


I wanted to do a weights session but had to stay at work very long. Then in the evening, I needed time to pack for the weekend.


I attended my Monthly Operations Review meeting, a monthly marathon meeting where I go through the state of my group with my direct reports, which took about 2.5 hours, and then I headed to the rowing club to pick up Romana and the trailer with the boats. We were moving southwards to Vienna by noon.

The trip was uneventful, which is always a relief when driving with a trailer. We were in Vienna before 2pm. Between 2pm and 3pm we rigged the boats and explored the race venue, the 1991 World Championship site.

Between 3pm and 4pm, I attended the mandatory club representatives meeting, and after that Romana and I went out to test the Neue Donau.

Couldn’t find my heart rate belt in my weekend bag, so no HR data.

For a change, I have a map chart with real naval info:

We were only allowed to row in the cooling down zone. The 2k course is to the southeast of this chart. It was pretty windy.

Then we went to our hotel close to the Prater:

We walked over to Praterstern where we found a nice Syrian restaurant. After the dinner, we watched Spain – Portugal with a bunch of Russians in the hotel lobby. Ronaldo!

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