Crime Scene Investigation

I was hesitating between a morning session and an evening session, but chose to row early because of the weather forecast. When getting to the lake, I had s glorious view of mirror flat water, and sunshine..

A few minutes later, I opened the gate to the rowing club venue, parked my scooter and unlocked the building. Not aware that I had just entered a crime scene.

The locker room was a mess. Most of our members do not lock their lockers, and all the lockers were open, clothes lying on the ground. The window in the weights room was open.

The keys to the hangars were not at their usual place. I still wasn’t connecting the dots. The keys had disappeared over the weekend, and we had replaced all the locks. Probably the keys to the hangars were now stored at a different place? So I went to search them. Then, I discovered that the door to the workshop was open. This was starting to look very suspicious.

Then, the contractor who is doing the renovation arrived. He discovered that most of his tools and equipment had disappeared, and that’s when we called the police.

All the time the lake was extremely rowable, mirror flat and sunny.

The police arrived and we explained the situation. They called the crime scene investigators, who arrived thirty minutes later, along with the club president.

I won’t go into details but by the time the police had done their work we knew we were missing at lest $10,worth of tools (estimate increased significantly in the course of the day as we realized more things were missing), a large TV (new), computers, SpeedCoaches, CoxBox, and whatever valuables members had left in their unlocked lockers. I keep my locker locked, and I have only rowing clothes there.

The thieves had also taken the keys to the club van but the car was still there. I guess they had failed to open the remotely controlled gate. A good thing we have secure tech for that gate, with a record of which member at which time. We did however have to get the van towed back to Renault for a change of locks.

Romana was busy dealing with the insurance.

By 11am I wasn’t needed any more and it was high time to get to the office. The wind had started and the lake was choppy with white caps.

At the end of the working day I was looking at the flags in front of our office and it seemed the wind had gotten weaker, so I took the gamble and rode to the club. One advantage of the safety cameras we will now install is that we will also put up a web cam pointing at the lake, taking the guess work out of my looking at a flag pole 20km away.

The gamble turned out well. During the warming up, the lake was still choppy, so I decided to do the first interval of my 3x10min/3min session in the gorge. That isn’t ideal because it requires a lot of turning which messes up the power measurements and makes it hard to adhere to the prescribed stroke rates (alternating 22spm and 24spm every two minutes) but it was doable.

Workout Summary - media/20180412-1820260o.csv
Workout Details

First interval was in the gorge with tailwind. The second one was in the gorge with headwind. The final one was on the lake with strong headwind and chop for the first 6 minutes.

rowing chart

I did not make this a very long session, as I wanted to be home in time, so I did the minimum amount of kilometers that would still fit the prescribed session.

Today: Strength Training

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