Saturday – Enjoying the Winter Olympic Games

We woke up to the fantastic news that Ester Ledecka had won the women’s Super G. A total surprise, and she couldn’t believe it herself.

I managed to get in just a very short run from the rowing club.

Three reasons why I returned so early:

  1. It was extremely slippery. On one point, I had to stop because it was too slippery to be safe, and I couldn’t stop. This was on a slight downhill slope, and it was very hard to stop running.
  2. There was the assembly meeting of the rowing club starting at 10am, which I had to attend
  3. I was definitely in overload after the past few days of training so I gave myself permission for this to be just a short warming up of the muscles.

It’s a pity that it was so slippery. I did enjoy the slow run.

Before the rowing club meeting started, we viewed Ester Ledecka’s golden run again (and again – I think I have seen it more than thirty times now).

After a long meeting and a big lunch, we went to the Brno Fair Grounds to attend the Olympic festival. This is a great event. Every time there are Olympic (summer or winter) games, a few Czech cities organize a big Olympic park, where there are sports exhibitions, big screens to watch the events, food and drink, and mainly the opportunity to try out a few.

We tried out the curling, and it was great.

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Now watching the Czech Ice Hockey team beat Switzerland 4-1 and qualifying straight to the quarter finals.

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