Running / Low Batteries

A busy day! First relaxing after breakfast, then a run. Followed by sauna and rowing club social event.

Romana and I went to the sauna today. I ran to it. About 11 km through interesting terrain. Two big hills. The temperature was slightly above zero.

When I had to set off, there was a light panic.

The Garmin Forerunner was completely discharged.

My iPhone was at 20% battery. I had forgotten to put it in the charger on Saturday evening.

The Samsung phone was fully charged but I had not paired it with any of my HR measuring devices.

The Polar arm belt was low battery. I had put it in the charger on Saturday, but the funky charger thing can also go into a USB socket the wrong way. So no charging.

In the end I managed to remember my password for Polar Flow, and the Samsung seemed to pair with the Polar OH1, so I opted for that combination. Turns out the heart rate was never recorded.

I ran to Maximus Resort, close to the rowing club. Romana arrived by car, with dry clothes. We enjoyed 2 hours of sauna and relax. Then we went to the rowing club for a Christmas get together.

The ice on the lake seems to be disappearing, but still about 70% of the lake is covered, and the pieces of ice are being blown around by the wind.

Tomorrow: Last working day of the year and a light training.

It started snowing.

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